About Simon

An ex-Jehovah’s Witness, half-Irish, fully famous Danish comedian, performing in English. Makes sense, right?

Simon Talbot is one of the biggest stars within comedy in Denmark. He is admired for his exceptional storyteller-style and his excited joy of this art. Growing up in a small town as a Jehovah’s Witness, with a drunken dad, Simon became an outsider. However, he pursued a career as a stand-up comedian. Which quickly turned out to be a great idea! He had his big career breakthrough when winning the Danish version of Last Comic Standing in 2009, and he has since performed in sold out theaters across Denmark, given standing ovations. Over the years, he has had numerous successful and critically acclaimed one-man shows. On top of this, Simon had his own sketch-show on Danish national TV and appeared in several Danish TV series and comedy programs. 

He is a comical multi-talent who Danes love, which has resulted in a massive number of local followers on Facebook and Instagram. Talbot has achieved the great honor of being nominated for “Comedian of the Year” no less than three times, in the prestigious Danish ZULU Comedy Galla, which only goes to show that his style and upbeat delivery hits home for many people.

Simon has always been inspired by English speaking stand-up comedy and moved to LA to pursue his dream of making it big in English. His comedic style and outgoing personality is already proving to wow the international audiences. His set on The Russell Howard Hour has amassed over one million views on YouTube alone.